5 Incredible & Inspiring Wine Cellars

So you want to build a Wine Room in your home.. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a Wine Cellar? Is it modern and bright with designer elements? Your home Wine Cellar or Wine Room can be! If you’re building your own Wine Room, make sure it lives up to the style of the rest of your home. Your Wine Cellar doesn’t have to be a dark closet to age your wine in. With good accent lighting, proper finishes and handcrafted wine racking, your wine cellar can be just as grand as the collection it holds.

Here is our list of 5 Incredible and Inspiring Wine Cellars to get you started on your dream home wine room.


1. Sophisticated Traditional Wine Room

This Wine Cellar features Elite Kit and Label Ladder Racking, with plenty of accent lighting and design elements to give the space a luxurious and elegant feel.


2. Elegant Traditional Wine Wall

This Wine Wall features Elite Kit Rack with a central trophy bottle display and accent lighting. Elite Kit Rack gives this glass enclosed wine wall a traditional look in a prominent location in the home.


3. Classic Wine Cellar This Classic Wine Cellar features Elite Kit Rack with accent lighting and Diamond bins below counter height. The combination of racking offers a more interesting look, than a solid Elite Kit rack cellar.


4. Traditional Style Wine Cellar This Wine Cellar features Elite Kit Racking with accent lighting and custom masonry to give the room a more traditional feel. The Wine Room features standard Elite Kit Racking with Diamond Bins and an integrated angled bottle display.


5. Maximum Storage Wine Cellar This Wine Cellar features Elite Kit Racking with accent lighting. This Wine Cellar achieves maximum bottle capacity with accent lighting to make the room nice and bright. The illuminated stone tasting table adds a level of elegance to the space.