Wine Guardian® commercial grade ducted split systems provide superb air distribution and temperature control for optimal conditioning of your valuable wine collection. The extremely quiet and virtually vibration-free system offers maximum flexibility in system location and cellar designs. This makes it ideal for: cellars that have no space to install a self-contained unit; for applications where condenser air is difficult to exhaust; and for longer duct runs.

The Wine Guardian DS088 has a cooling capacity of 6000 cubic feet.

  • Split System Cooling Unit
  • Cooling Capacity of 6000 ft3 (1 Ton)
  • Evaporator 17″W x 14″H x 14″D
  • Condenser 19″W x 18″H x 24″D 
  • Evaporator 37 lbs
  • Condenser 152 lbs
  • 220V / 20A dedicated circuit breaker required
  • Installation requires a licensed HVAC professional
  • Drain line is required
  • 1 Supply & 1 Return collar included
  • Digital interface
  • Power cord

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