Genuwine Cellars Wine Cellar Racks

Within the realm of wine storage and presentation, the distinction lies in the details. Our meticulously curated wine racking systems encompasses two primary categories that speak to different sensibilities yet share a common ethos: the avant-garde Cable Wine Racks and the timeless Wooden Wine Racks.

Combining our love for wine with our design experience, we have curated these collections to showcase the wines with style, ensuring proper care for both the bottles and their labels. Dive deep into our selection and find the perfect companion for your wine journey, where every bottle has its special place, and every label is showcased to tell its story. 

Wine Racks Crafting to Exceed Expectations

In the realm of wine storage, the details truly matter. Each wine bottle rack we create, be it cable or wooden, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and precision. These are crafted with a meticulousness that ensures both durability and reliability. Our selection process begins with the choice of materials, moving on to a thoughtful rack design, aimed at protecting both the bottle and its precious labels. Every step is taken to ensure that the end product not only meets but often surpasses our clients' expectations and requirements. 

With a rich legacy spanning 28 years in the wine industry, we have honed our expertise, gaining an intimate understanding of the subtle intricacies of wine cellaring. As a result when you invest in our wine racks, you're not just securing a storage solution, but a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship that consistently exceeds expectations.

Every Occasion, Every Space, Elevated by Our Wine Racks

There is no singular time or place to revel in the joys of wine. Be it a family dinner, a gathering of friends, or solo reflections, your wines deserve the spotlight. Place them in the living room for everyday elegance, the kitchen for culinary pairings, the specialized environs of a wine cellar or wine room, or the transformed spaces of your basement — our unique wine racks are at the heart of each setting.

More Than Just Wine Storage

Beyond merely housing your bottles, our racks encapsulate the essence of wine culture. They contribute to the aging journey of your wines, ensuring they evolve beautifully. Their design aids in showcasing prized bottles and accolades, making a statement of sophistication. Every rack underscores a unique style, presenting each bottle securely and with panache, a testament to the wine's grandeur and the collector's taste.

Cable Wine Racks

Cable wine racks offer a modern, minimalist approach to wine storage, showcasing bottles with sleek, suspended designs. These racks use durable cables to securely hold each bottle, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Elevate Your Wine Experience

Elite Kit Racks

Combining the warmth of rich mahogany wood with sturdy construction, EKR modular wine racks bring a timeless touch to your wine cellar's design. Its rounded edges and 13 ½-inch depth make it the perfect secure solution for displaying your wine bottles.

Modular Solutions for Your Cellar

Frequently Asked Questions About Wine Cellar Racking

What Should I Look for in a Wine Rack?

When looking for a wine bottle rack, consider the size of your wine collection and the amount of space you have available.

Also, think about the style and finish of the rack and how it will complement your decor. It is important to choose a rack that is made of high-quality materials and is designed to withstand the weight of your wine bottles.

How Strong and Stable are Your Wine Racking Systems?

Our wine cellar racking systems are designed to be extremely strong and stable. They are made of high-quality materials and are built to withstand the weight of your wine collection. They are also designed to be easy to install and maintain, ensuring that your wine bottles are stored securely and safely. We take pride in the craftsmanship of our custom wine racks, and we stand behind the quality and durability of each one.

Genuwine Cellars offers a wide range of elegant and functional design wine racks that are perfect for wine enthusiasts looking to create a luxurious wine storage space in their home or restaurant.

Our racks are designed to enhance the aesthetic of any room while keeping your bottles organized, protected, and easily accessible. Whether you're looking for a sleek and modern wine rack or an elegant and timeless design, our team of specialists can work with you to create a custom wine rack that will meet your specific needs. Browse our collection of elegant wine racks today and start storing your wine collection in style.

Can Your Wine Racks be Customized?

Yes, we offer customization options for our wine racks to meet our customers' specific needs and preferences. Our team works closely with customers to design wine racks that fit their unique space, style, and storage requirements.

With the help of a professional designer, you can create custom wine racks that not only showcase your wine collection but also enhance the overall ambiance of your wine cellar.

What Materials do You Use to Build Your Wine Racks?

We use a variety of high-quality materials to build our wine racks, including hardwoods such as mahogany and cherry, as well as metal and acrylic. Our team carefully selects materials based on their durability, aesthetic appeal, and ability to protect and preserve wine.

What Size is a Standard Wine Bottle Rack?

There is no standard size for a wine rack as it largely depends on personal preference and the space available for storage. However, most wine bottle racks are designed to hold standard-sized wine bottles, which typically have a diameter of around 3 inches (7.5 cm) and a height of 12 inches (30 cm).

Where Should a Wine Rack be Placed in a House?

A wine rack should be placed in a cool, dark, and stable environment, away from direct sunlight, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations. It's important to maintain proper humidity levels and ensure there is enough storage space and accessibility. Common locations include basements, wine cellars, closets, and spare rooms.

If you're looking for inspiration on where to place your wine rack, you can visit our design ideas page to see some examples of wine rack placement in different areas of the home.