Paper Scale Models

You can design your own ELITE KIT RACK wine cellar by printing out our scaled graph paper and modular wine rack component sheets. It is really quite easy to do and can be a rewarding exercise for those who like to DIY.

Step 1. Measure your wine room as accurately as possible in all three dimensions. 

Make notes about doors, lighting fixtures, plugs, switches and other items that might affect your design choices.


Step 2. Download and print our 1/2” Genuwine graph paper. 

You will need one copy for the overhead view and one additional copy for each wall of your cellar you plan to install racking against. All of our Components are provided in overhead (plan) and front (elevation) view. The scale for all of these sheets is 1/2” = 1 foot.

View graph paper here.

NOTE: When printing our graph paper, make sure you select print actual size and do not shrink to the size of the page or scale to fit. Genuwine graph paper must be printed at the actual size to ensure the scale is correct. 

Step 3. Download and print the component sheets.

 It is helpful to have several copies printed since your cellar will most likely use the same components more than once.

View Elite Kit Rack Cut Sheet

Step 4. Transfer your measurements (and notes) from step 1 to the graph paper and label each sheet accordingly. 

If you know the cardinal directions of your room then North, South, East & West labels are a great way to keep track of what you are looking at. On the overhead view mark the North side as well.

Step 5. Cut out the individual rack components.

Be sure to leave the labels attached to their modules!

Step 6. Design your cellar by arranging and rearranging the components on the graph paper that has your measurements. 

When you have settled on your final design make it permanent with tape or a glue stick.

It should look something like this:

If you are satisfied with your design you can start ordering your components! Be sure to consider accessories like crown moulding, bin dividers, and light valances.

If you would prefer some expert guidance on your design, please contact us to connect with a Wine Cellar Specialist.


This is a sample of a 3D drawing that can be made from your paper based scale model.