Wine Guardian CS050 Ceiling Mounted Wine Cellar Cooling Unit


The CS050 Ceiling Mounted Cooling System is made for those cellars where you want to maximize the cellar storage and hide the source of your cooling. This unit also takes the hotter air near the ceiling and replaces it with cooler fresh air.


Width: 10 3/16″
Top Height: 9 9/16″
Bottom Height: 3 3/16″
Depth: 36 9/16″
Weight: 51 lbs
DBA at 3 feet: 57
BTUH: 4300
Full Load AMPS: 16.4
Electrical: 115v/1ph/60hz



  • Ceiling Mounted Cooling System 
  • Condensing Unit
  • Remote Control & 50′ Cable
  • Owners Manual


Wine Guardian® wine cellar cooling units are commercial grade, ceiling mounted coolers for novice or professional wine collectors. These cooling systems are the most installation-friendly and versatile wine cellar cooling units on the market. Many of these features are unique to Wine Guardian and not found in any other type of cooling unit:

  • Paintable grille to match the decor in your wine cellar
  • Certified to Underwriters Laboratory standards
  • Split condensing unit keeps cellar quieter
  • Recycles warm stale air near the ceiling.
  • Easy to install in between ceiling studs
  • Specialized fans create ideal airflow
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Controls temperature
  • Steel mounting flange for 12 or 16 inch gaps
  • can heat/cool or cool depending on unit chosen
  • Outdoor enclosure included
  • Made in the USA



1. Electric Heat

Wine Guardian’s electric heat option protects your wine cellar from cold ambient temperatures that dip below the recommended wine storage thresholds.

2. Extreme Low Ambient Protection

This cold weather protection package allows the SS018 condensing unit to operate in conditions down to -20°F (-29°C) and is recommended in climates where the temperature normally drops to 20°F (-7°C).

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