Wine Guardian® wine cellar cooling units are as stylish as they are functional, these commercial grade coolers are the most installation-friendly and versatile wine cellar cooling systems on the market. Many of the features you’ll find are unique to Wine Guardian and not found with any other systems.

The  Wine Guardian TTW009 has a cooling capacity of  850 cubic feet.

  • Through-the-Wall Unit
  • Cooling Capacity of 850 ft3
  • 14.25″W x 15.85″H x 25″D
  • 60 lbs 
  • 110v/60Hz dedicated circuit breaker required
  • No licensed HVAC professional required
  • Drain line is required
  • Max differential between cellar & exhaust room 30°F
  • Max wall thickness of 20.5″
  • Requires hole in wall same size as unit
  • Cannot vent to outdoors
  • Digital interface
  • Power cord

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